Parkour / Freeruning

We offer professional Parkour and Freeruning workshops for all ages, levels and styles.

All of our athletes are worldwide recognized for pushing up the sport in international events, competitions and even audiovisual content. More than twelve years of high level training in the discipline and a multitude of workshops taught around the globe accredit us.

Do you want to learn Parkour, improve your skills or host a different activity for the little ones on your own event? We''ll send you the most prepared coachers! Do not hesitate to contact us.

Parkour-Parks Desing

Outdoor and Indoor

Our team counts with engineers who, combining their technical expertise with more than 12 years training Parkour, are able to proyect and design the best and most useful Parkour areas for your gym, public zone, trampoline park and every other type of spaces, Both indoor and outdoor.

If you want your community to have a new training space, or just a faithfull project of an indoor Parkour-Park contact us!


Films and TV

Several members of our team are trained experts to embody any risky scene. Specialized in high-altitude chases and many different kinds of jumps and flips, they'll perform safely the most dangerous takes. Aswell in scenic combact, with or without both white and fire weapons. We'll bring you stunts and dancers, actors specialized in gestural and "in front of camera" acting, professionals able to endow the characters with an extra dramatic point.

If you like breathtaking jumps, ninjas running on roofs, and crazy flip'n'kicks in your fights, we have all you need. 

Custom Parkour Modules

Do you want to expand the offer of your training center or directly create a professional and personalized Parkour space? We design and build the obstacles that you need, both mobile and/or fixed to the equipment that you already have...


Do not hesitate to ask!

Indoor Parkour


Our filmmakers team, with more than 8 years of work behind the scenes, are ready to make that video that you do not get out of your head. Specialized in Parkour and music videos of all kinds of styles, with the possibility of adding to your videos the unique touch of Drone shots, always with the latest and most suitable gear to get the highest quality.


If you have a song, or want to make your own showreel, we have the tools to make it possible with the best of the results.

VIdeoclips and reels

Training and conditioning for Parkour athletes

If you want to dedicate yourself professionally to Parkour / Freerunning, our graduated members in CAFYD can schedule your training to get that extra point of strength, techinque and power to improve your skills, regardless of your starting level.

Take your workouts to the next level being followed by our professional Parkour athletes.

Personal training




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