Galizian Urban Project es un grupo de Parkour /Freeruning creado en Galicia, España.

El grupo fue fundado en 2007 por un pequeño grupo de amigos a los cuales les unía la pasión por el parkour, su entrenamiento y la necesidad de descubrir el mundo.

El grupo esta formado por 14 atletas profesionales con mas de 11 años de entrenamiento a sus espaldas y más de 9 años trabajando en el mundo del teatro y arte de calle, workshops, shows, etc.


Como equipo profesional ofrecemos diferentes servicios como stuntman entrenadores de parkour, colaboraciones en videoclips, anuncios, películas, etc.


Galizian Urban Project is a Parkour/Freerunning group originally from Galicia, Spain.

It was founded in 2007 by a small group of friends who are truly passionate about movement, training and discovering the world. The group consists of 14 professional athletes with over 11 years of training in the discipline and 9 years of work in the world of street theater, workshops and performance, etc.


  As a professional team we offer various services such as stuntmen, coaches at Parkour/Freeruning events, collaborations for music videos, commercials, film, television and any other action performance.

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Sergio "Steel" Cora

He is the guy behind the camera. He filmed practicly all our videos and he works as a proffesional filmaker spacilizated in music videoclips and comertials. He is also the prettiest one, and he have some pretty cool skills always with a perfect technique and with the sound off for the landings.

Heigth: 1,79 m

Weigth: 65 kg

Eyes color: Green

Hair color: Light brown

The filmaker

Guillermo "Shobu" Lago

He has already finished his acting career and is ready to take his place at the filming world. He is also a professional stuntman and knows how to be on the top of the scenario without surrender by the panic. Absolutely in love for teaching He likes to spend hours talking to the new generetions about the benefits of the Parkour lifestyle.


Heigth: 1.9 m
Weigth: 75 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Dark browm

The actor

Oscar "OSC" Sánchez

Run as fast as you can with the best style, that's his maximum. Also a good filmmaker for parkour and music clips and with some cool edit skills.
He will be the faster one always, and he does it with style and flow.

He is a pretty good comedian and doesn't have any problem to go on a stage and make everyone laugh.

Heigth: 1.74 m

Weigth: 73 kg
Eyes color: Sweet brown
Hair color: Dark blonde

The flow

Pedro "Phosky" León

He is the special one. He is the most known athlete from the team. If you do Parkour, you know who is Phosky. One of the smoothest athletes on the scene. Be fast is his main focus always with the best style.

He decided to put all his life in the hands of parkour and live as a professional athlete at any cost. Always traveling around the globe to expand his mind and for sharing  his knowledge with everyone that come across.

Heigth: 1.70 m

Weigth: 67 kg

Eyes Color: Brown

Hair color: Browm

The beast

Rubén "Rubis" Alonso

Graduated in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, he is the worker. He can spend plenty of hours a day doing all the hard work that no one wants to do and after that, go on an special adventure trip.


If you want to give a pleasant and fun experience on a "master class", here you have your man. He works in a park of trampolines, so he knows how what fun is about.

Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 80 kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color: Black

The hard worker

Sergio "Montrove" Elvira

The strongest one. A man who has rebuilt all his body with effort and hard work. Years of proper workout and diet, he knows about sacrifice and pushes  his body to the limit.


Expert in big drops with perfect landings and weird flips wherever you need.

If you need someone who can take big drops comfortably, here you have your man.

Height: 1.76 m
Weight: 69 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Brown

The fitnes

Julio "Juls" Romera

Yes, he is the youngest of the team. Also graduated in Sports & Physical Activity degree, practice the most classic style of parkour focused on the  perfect technique for the hardest jumps.He was the last member that became part of our family. He did it when he fell in love with the gup traveling lifestyle.
He knows how to work when it's needed and knows how to enjoy life when it's time to do it. He is also very good for modeling and stuntman filming.

Height: 1.87 m
Weight: 74 kg
Eye Color: Green
Hair color: Brown

The teenager

Pablo "Brian" López

Here is the "black". Training since 2006 focused only on getting the best flow that is possible. His unique style gives him a very good recognition everyone and put him on the list of flowmasters.
Perfect for an urban style photo-shooting, he knows how to model and pose like a real nigga.

Heigth: 1.74 m

Weigth: 65 kg

Eyes color: Dark Brown

the nigga style

Simón Gil

Training Parkour since 2006, if something is possible to jump, he can jump it. A little bomb ready to make some massive jumps without any problem.

He study philosophy and have a pretty active mind, always searching for questions that needs an interesting answer.
He is a parkour teacher in Santiago de Compostela.

Heigth: 1.74 m

Weitgh: 75 kg

Eyes color:Brown

Hair color: Brown

The filosopher

Santi "Sorín" Iglesias

The most technical man. The absolute control of its great power gives rise to excellent landings and jumps where you have to break the mental barrier of fear. Santi holds a degree in Industrial Design Engineering and has great qualities for the design of parkour parks. Even as an engineer, he is mainly engaged in recording and editing videos (music clips, commercials, weddings ...). In addition, he is a great lover of music and plays various instruments such as piano, drums or guitar. Height: 1,79 Weight: 65 kg Eye color: Dark brown Hair color: black

The technique

Javier "Logan" Ogando

He is one of the very first practitioners of parkour in Galicia. He recycled himself with the years and adapted his style to the new moves on the scene. He is focused on the perfect execution of every single move that he learns.

Now he is preparing himself for being part of the law as a policeman, so he is ready for the real action.

Heigth: 1.83 m
Weigth: 79 kg
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Dark brown

The experience

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